What we were asked.

To launch Algoral, a new medicine for acid indigestion, through a 360⁰ campaign that

would generate brand awareness while differentiating the brand from its formidable

competition – Maalox Plus and Gaviscon.

The Challenge.

A new product launch in a highly mature market. Algoral was up against strong international competition with a high percentage in unaided brand awareness and 100% weighted distribution. Our 360⁰ campaign had to convince consumers to test the new product while at the same time generate demand.

The Challenge.

We reengineered the advertising process of medicine, projecting the concept not through the patient’s perspective but through that of his child.

What we Delivered.

We delivered a highly innovative 360⁰ campaign with a surrealistic take – from a child’s perspective.

The story unfolded across all media with amazing results; it gained market share and achieved a weighted distribution of 70% within three months of its launch.

Algoral TV Spot