Liberation Wall

The writing is on the wall

The liberationwall project

The client

Wilkinson Sword is one of the leading personal care brands in the world and one of the leading brands in the women’s shaving products segment in Greece, where it is distributed by Fortis S.A

What we were asked

‘Wilkinson Women’ digital community needed a special activation that would build and reflect the global brand concept “Liberate your life”.

The challenge

The global guideline mandated for activations that could be implemented with heavy budgets and intensive brand generated content production. What we needed to come up with was a concept with a deep emotional impact and a simple activation mechanism, that would associate Wilkinson Woman to liberation.

The project

We created the “Liberation Wall”, a digital asset dedicated to women who want to express their most liberating thoughts and wishes. Through a digital and social media campaign, young women were encouraged to visit write and customize their own message and see it published on the wall, among other amazing liberating wishes. By doing so, users entered a contest in order to get the chance to see their liberating wish turn into reality.

What we delivered

A fun and engaging digital experience that all users enjoyed. The activation produced results for the brand upon its launch. Wilkinson Woman’s “Liberation Wall” became the only wall that had the power to turn wishes into once in a lifetime experiences! Furthermore, it became a community through which young women got the chance to express themselves and connect with each other, sharing wishes and the desire to see them come true.