What we were asked.

In 2014, Metrosport Media Group, an established player in the traditional news landscape, recognized the need to update its online presence in order to reach new audiences.

Metrosport sought a partner with expertise in web design and content strategy. Their intention, in large part, was to explore how design and technology can work together to best engage contemporary audiences and serve advertisers.

The Challenge.

To create a customized digital news workflow able to accommodate all the traditional sectors of the existing media group and transform them into a digital-rich medium that can be modified according to the user’s preferences.

The Process.

We engaged in a collaborative process to completely overhaul This required a critical look at how the Media Group had been presenting its journalism and advertising digitally in order to safeguard the brand’s essence and core values.
We started with Metrosport’s journalism. We embedded ourselves in the newsroom in order to better understand how a multichannel medium (newspaper, radio, web) operates; what types of stories are written; how they develop and break; what tools are needed, and how everything can be connected through a single platform.
We then listened to the company’s business objectives: to increase traffic, engage readers more effectively, differentiate its coverage, inspire reader loyalty, and assist its advertisers in breaking through the web’s clutter to reach audiences in new and innovative ways.

What we Delivered.

The new is one of the largest card-based news websites ever built and its personalization features make it the first of its kind. It has a bold, new, visually striking design that disrupts the traditional page grid, eliminates clutter, and puts the focus on the story. has now set a new industry standard for digital news delivery. It is a rich, dynamic showcase for storytelling in all its forms and an exceptional platform for advertisers.