What we were asked.

In 2016, Politis Media Group, a well-established player in the traditional news landscape but also with a powerful digital presence in Cyprus, recognized the need to update its online presence in order to reach new audiences.


Their quest, in large part, was to stimulate their thinking about how design and technology can work together to best engage contemporary audiences and serve advertisers.

The Challenge.

Reacting to the explosive growth of their mobile readership (66% in 2015), Politis realized that their site structure and content approach needed to evolve.


Politis challenged ADMINE_ to set the benchmark for future digital experiences in Cyprus. We responded by designing a fresh news ecosystem (which adapts to the events) following the story to its source and presenting the news in a colorful design. Furthermore, we completely redesigned their content strategy and architecture in order to better accommodate the “mobile social news” era.

The Process.

We engaged in a collaborative process with the client and we performed endless A/B testing and metrics of the old site in order to discover the true audience behind the pixels.


Legacy content and new design standards of assets production for the site presented a challenge for maintaining the quality and consistency. It was key to help the client understand the details of the design, by pointing out what type of graphics and imagery would work within the design to highlight and promote the various stories and content that Politis produces.


In order to accommodate the changes, we designed a custom version of our News CMS (Maestro) in order to serve the workflow that we have agreed with the client. Content and design work together in order to produce better stories in a beautiful way.

What we Delivered.

We produced a clear, bold and open design layout, to not only let a diverse range of content breathe, but also to help translate the design across different mediums without losing or changing the overall structure. Bold in its color choice, with an elegant aesthetic, the dynamic structure allows for effortless daily use.


The new digital experience positions Politis as the trendsetting, forward thinking brand they aspire to be. Through this future proof platform, they are able to share their precious content, and communicate their core values in a fresh and dynamic way.