ADMINE wins Grand Ermis Digital and 8 more distinctions at ERMIS AWARDS 2016

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At this year’s ceremony of Ermis Awards, Admine won a total of 9 awards in three categories (Digital | Branded Εntertainment & Content | Media) for the campaigns and communication of Saracakis Group of Companies (Honda Roadtrips & Mitsubishi Capable of Everything), Makedonia Palace (REMAKE) and Friesland Campina (ΝΟΥΝΟΥ), while the Digital Grand Ermis makes ADMINE the first independent agency to receive this award.
‘This prestigious award is well deserved by all Adminers in our four offices, who thrive to come up with subversive ideas that excite our consumers. Of course, nothing would be possible without our clients who committed their most important asset to us: their brand. We particularly express our deep appreciation to Sarakakis Bros SA for entrusting us with the most ambitious content project in the history of automotive industry in Greece.’ stated Tilemachos Mavrakis, CEO of Admine.


The full list of ADMINE’s distinctions:

Honda Roadtrips (Saracakis Bros SA)

1 Silver – Preroll campaign ‘Timeless Love’ (ΝΟΥΝΟΥ)

1 silver – Honda Roadtrips (Saracakis Bros SA)

1 bronze –  Capable of Everything (Saracakis Bros SA)

2 gold – Honda Roadtrips (Saracakis Bros SA)

1 silver Honda Roadtrips (Saracakis Bros SA)

1 bronze – Honda Roadtrips (Saracakis Bros SA)

1 bronze – REMAKE (Makedonia Palace)