What we were asked.

To adapt the international Cashback campaign for the Greek
market and promote it in order increase sales during the
Christmas season. Furthermore, the brand requested the organizing
and hosting of its the first kick-off meeting.

The Challenge.

Canon is one of the two top camera brands in the world. Although its
international appearance is strong, it was lacking of well-targeted promotional
campaigns and a vigorous in-store presence in the Greek
market, against its popular rival Nikon.

Furthermore, Canon Greece needed to establish itself in the wider
European area and become more involved with the global group by
creating a memorable event for its partners and retailers.

The Process

Our media and targeting strategy had to be perfect in order to achieve increased sales.
Thus, we defined a well-structured target group, including amateur & new professional
photographers, and photography enthusiasts. Then, we promoted the campaign with a
strong media mix of traditional display, GDN banners, PR press-releases and via Facebook.

Cashback Campaign

What we Delivered.

We adjusted the creative materials of the international Cashback campaign
and developed a killer campaign both online and offline.
To optimize our online activations and support the campaign, we partnered
with 100 electronics stores all over Greece, including the largest retailers of
consumer electronics in the country like Media Markt, Public, Kotsovolos,
launching in-store merchandising and POS promotion, and creating an
in-store video.

The campaign resulted to a quite impressive CTR both on Facebook and
Google, which was way above the average of the industry, and a notable
increase in sales of Canon products during the Christmas period.

In addition, in order to present the new Canon products to its partners,
we created the first kick-off meeting. The event was hosted at one of
the most historic hotels of Athens, Royal Olympic.

The head chief of Canon in Eastern Europe and other key people of the
brand were present. After the event, our guests had the chance to live
an authentic local experience, tasting Greek delicacies at well-known
restaurants and walking around Acropolis and the most popular streets
of Athens.

The first kick-off meeting.

Authentic local experience with Canon