What we were asked.

To increase brand awareness and its fan base on Facebook, justify why Energizer is
the leading product in its category, and introduce a new educational role of the brand,
training people for the right use of battery.

The Challenge.

The market at the moment is full of private label batteries, which is a cheaper option.
Energizer needed to defend its position in the market, to promoted the quality of its
batteries and to convince the audience how a bad choice of battery can damage their
beloved devices.

The Process

We developed the concept LOVE YOUR DECIVES and an integrated 360º communication strategy
that implemented one main campaign on multiple channels.

What we Delivered.

We created a playful campaign, a reason why, a whole new digital portal for the brand.
It all started a new website: www.loveyourdevices.gr. A fun innovative game-portal where people
can find useful tips for the protection and the efficient use of their devices.
And then, we developed a well-structured campaign both online and offline. A set of engaging
Facebook posts and ads, traditional display and GDN banners all over the web, and two entertaining
radio spots, backed-up with a fun contest on the most popular stations.
In addition, we redesigned the brand’s Facebook page, creating a new creative direction and content
map, focused on a more fun, interesting approach, and promoting at the same time the new
educational character of the brand.