What we were asked.

In 2014, Voria.gr, an established player in the news landscape, recognized the need to update its online presence in order to reach new audiences. Their intention, in large part, was to explore how design and technology can work together to best engage contemporary audiences and serve advertisers. The main requests were to decrease bounce rate and increase the user/reader engagement on the website.

The Challenge.

To create a customized digital news workflow able to accommodate the website’s multistoried content that will help to increase the readership of the website.

The Process.

We analyzed the journalistic norms of Voria’s editors in order to understand the way they publish their work. We combined state of the art technology in order to utilize the readership flow and create completely friendly interface which helped both visitors and advertisers.


We applied UX Research & Evaluation Techniques in order to define our new content architecture strategy based on our readership research findings.


We converted articles into stories and created brand new article mechanisms in order to increase our readership (business stories, storystreams, tributes and live blogging articles).


Taking into consideration the company’s business objectives (to increase traffic, engage readers more effectively, differentiate its coverage, inspire reader loyalty and assist its advertisers) we managed to create a brand new experience for Voria’s visitors.

What we Delivered.

We handcrafted from scratch and delivered an awarded (Digital Media Awards 2016 – Gold for  Best Local News Website Category) new digital readership experience for all the user devices changing the whole structure of the content architecture, design and usability in order to accommodate the needs of both readers and advertisers. The new digital platform of voria.gr can handle every type of news based on the current affairs focusing on the news stories.