CVRTM assigns its digital communications and media presence to ADMINE

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Comissão Vitivínicola Regional de Trás-os-Montes assigned to Admine Porto Branch its Digital assets and communication. This cooperation is already in effect with the brand new Facebook & Instagram page being live, Facebook Campaigns and Pay per click Google campaigns running.


Our target is to use digital tools to raise awareness for Trás-os-Montes wines and its wine producers, and raise awareness of their unique characteristics, distinguishing them form competitors of nearby areas like Douro. Digital tools are also used to raise local awareness for events in exhibitions and restaurants.


Our range of services included: Social Media Management (facebook & instagram & pinterest) , Social Media Campaigns, PPC (Pay per Click) Performance Campaigns, Search Campaigns.


A new website is being designed and soon will be launched to enhance and support the digital presence and image of the brands.