Fortis has appointed Admine to manage the communication of Wilkinson brand

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Wilkinson has appointed the Thessaloniki based- advertising agency Admine to manage the communication of the brand. Admine is responsible for all online and offline activities with a special focus on the digital presence of the brand. Admine is responsible for handling Wilkinson’s Facebook pages for both female and male products, as well as a well-structured campaign strategy that consists of both display and Facebook campaigns for the 2014-2015 brand communication. 

The launch of the new official website of Wilkinson  in January marked a new more sophisticated, vibrant, editorial and fun character of the brand, reflecting the new design and content direction. Through the web pages of the site, users can find information on the brand history and products alongside tips and articles on male and female personal care and current trends.

Wilkinson is one of the oldest brands of male and female personal care. Its presence dates back to 1772 and today is one of the leaders in the sector. In 1898 after 100 years of sword making, Wilkinson Sword produced the “Pall Mall” safety razor, and in 1992 launched the internationally renowned, for its ergonomic design, “Protector”. Many innovations came along the way until today, establishing Wilkinson as a vital part of everyday male and female personal care.

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