Stress marks you down

Hardly can you find a student in Greece that hasn’t used a BIC Cristal pen at school, in the last decades. No matter the extended use, the brand connection, is relatively weak. Aiming to empower the sentimental bond with BIC, both in parents and students, we created a highly emotional campaign: because BIC has always been there, next to each one of us, during our most stressful moments. Addressing student anxiety, through the eyes of both parents and students, was our main goal.

Our insight? The unintended habit of stressed students: chewing the pen’s lid.

The tagline “Stress marks you down” was inspired by the students’ poor school and exam performance, due to overwhelming stress. A message that addressed parents, students, teachers and professors alike and signed a 360ο campaign, that included a digital and cinema movie, a Youtube bumper ad, influencer activations, as well as a small exhibition in a primary school.