Just before the 2019 elections, there was one hashtag that dominated the twitter trends.


The #erxetai_p@@tsa (// f@cking defeat is coming) hashtag was set to predispose people to the ruling party’s defeat in the elections.


And though elections are not a common occasion for pizza consumption, we though that election Sunday could become a great opportunity for a pizza night, where everyone, regardless their political beliefs, would unite over a Domino’s.

Therefore, the #erxetai_pizza (pizza is coming) was created. The idea to invite people to tweet using this particular hashtag (a paraphrase of the first one), so as to drop pizza prices (-5% / 1,000 tweets) and fill their timeline with positive and friendly vibes, as oppose to the hate hashtag.


With just a single tweet, #erxetai_pizza instantly became a top trend, was fiercely used, was misinterpreted, divided people into fans and haters, while at the same time, had the Press all over it, without spending not even one euro on paid media.

In less than 18 hours

Domino’s organic tweet had

53.000 impressions

6.000 engagements



328 Link clicks

325 #hashtag clicks

12 follows


The fact that, even one year later, people still use it is enough to showcase the power of this idea. As it seems, pizza eventually came and stayed in eternity.