What we were asked.

To increase the brand’s awareness, promote its USPs and its certification by the Skin Cancer Foundation, as well to educate people on the right ways of protecting their skin from the dangers of the excessive sun exposure.

The Challenge.

How to promote a sun lotion in winter?! As we had to start promoting our brand earlier in the year, we had to attract our audience’s attention and build on the brand awareness off-season. The challenge was to keep our audience interested during the whole year and prepare a firm launch of the products in spring/summer.

The Process.

We focused on the brand’s Facebook page. We conveyed warm and beautiful summer feelings to fans, fighting the wither gloom.

What we Delivered.

We delivered a brand new creative direction, a new image for the brand, combining a sexy-girly approach with a more sporty and active character.


And then, this new image had to be communicated directly to our audience. This was accompliced via the design of a set of innovative in-store stands and prints, as well via the HT Facebook page with the creation of a fresh content map. With a more interesting and fun content that actually made people feel good about themselves, while it was educating them on the importance of healthy skin.
This new Facebook approach significantly increased sales -despite the fact that it was still winter- while the engagement rate almost doubled. At the same time, more people started to get more interested in the products. The page was daily bombarded with fan’s inbox messages, inquiring about the product charactericts and the points of sales.