What we were asked.

Mitsubishi cars are known to the whole 4-wheel community as the absolutely resistant and reliable vehicles. This year, the brand released the all-new 5th generation of the flagship model, the NEW L200. The new model came with renewed design, brand new technology and with more power and capabilities than ever. Mitsubishi Greece for the first time in its history wanted not only to communicate the all-new L200 and its capabilities as a car for professionals, but also to position the model in a new category and promote it on the market as a passenger car with a more lifestyle character.

The Challenge.

In a highly competitive category like the market of professional vehicles (pick-ups/trucks), we had to prove that the new L200 is as capable as it promises to the pick-up audience and at the same time to approach a new target group in order to increase sales.

The Process.

In order to reach our target group, we needed a persona that would link the new L200 with the modern, adventurer driver and a more lifestyle approach. Thus, Sakis Tanimanidis got behind the wheel of the new L200 and became the hero of our communication.

At the same time, we created the first web series of an auto brand in Greece.

What we Delivered.

An interactive platform with celebrity endorsement that delivers content depending on the user’s actions, showcasing 8 branded episodes. A unique endurance test for the new L200 by creating a mini web series with humorous and witty way that promoted all the new features of the model. The biggest auto challenge that was ever made in Greece! And of course, a CRM activation that brought to the brand a great number of leads by potential customers in the niche market of pick-ups.