What we were asked.

“Hi, guys!
We’d like you to develop an entirely new soft drink brand
for the Greek refreshment market that appeals to young consumers.
We want a total concept, a name, a creative direction, a campaign.

We want something the likes of which we have never seen before.
We want you to develop a brand.
a true brand – a love brand.

The Challenge.

The Greek market is saturated with established superbrands, local and global:
Coca Cola, Pepsico, Epsa, Loux, Souroti, etcetera. We had to find an innovative solution “like no other” and manage to attract an audience.

The Challenge.

We created a marketing concept based on a cause-related marketing platform –
designed to distinguish the drink on the shelf – by dressing it in a fun, colorful concept.

What we Delivered.

We delivered a totally original brand – Le Ponga!
An edgy brand with a fresh identity, it was ready to speak to young people.

We created a purpose-built brand to be launched in a digital-only environment.
And the outcome? It’s been kicking butt since its very first day on the market.

Le Ponga | Fishing

What do you say we go catch ourselves a decent car?
Cool! And “gas up” on lemon & orange soda! Le Ponga


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