What we were asked.

“Hi guys! We would like you to completely transform the way consumers experience the Mini Cooper brand online. Also, this Xmas please find a way of engaging our target audience and bringing them into our showrooms throughout Greece.”

The Challenge.

Preserving a global brand identity while adding a whole lot of web tech and local social engagement to the equation is always a challenge. Doing it right is our job!

The Process.

We completely redesigned the brand’s web portal and introduced an activation combining street action with digital engagement.

What we Delivered.

We delivered a completely redesigned brand web portal based on Mini Cooper’s global guidelines, adapted for the local market. Our overhaul of the web portal resulted in a vast improvement in consumer experience, as reflected in website statistics. By deploying the latest Web 2.0 technology, we delivered a smooth and functional website able to meet the increased consumer demand for the Mini Cooper brand.

At the same time, we launched a Facebook application coupled with full-blown below-the-line activity along high streets in Athens and Thessaloniki. Consumers had to spot a Mini Cooper guised as a reindeer, take a snapshot of it, and upload it to Facebook with their comments. Success was immense and had the desired increase in showroom traffic.


The process

Admine conceived, designed and developed an application to demonstrate
to MINI fans, the new more spacious five door MINI.

What we Delivered.

The game was on. Santa’s little helpers and his reindeers where all exhausted, still he needed to deliver the Christmas gifts. Users helped Santa load the luggage space of the new MINI with all the presents and start the Xmas delivery on time.


Users were more than engaged. They participated and earned MINI branded gifts themselves as a reward. Admine’s reward was even greater. MINI’s headquarters loved the application and launched it to the Austrian market also.

We created an interactive and creative christmas application game
to celebrate and spread the holiday spirit.







We developed a set of engaging posts that keeps
our audience’s interest and create a playful mood.