What we were asked.

Honda is one of the most famous brands worldwide and the leader in the automotive category. With a long history that starts in 1948, the brand has become synonymous with innovation and has been characterized for the pioneer spirit and the adventure DNA.


This year is one of the most important in the history of the brand as one of the best bikes ever built returned to the production˙ A true legend of the history of motorcycles, the new Africa Twin.


This event created the need for the brand to reconnect with the old legacy of adventure and regain the touring audience, while entering a new era.

The Challenge.

Over the last years Honda Moto Greece has created a huge and loyal audience, while having a strong digital community with one of the best Facebook pages in Greece and more than 130,000 fans. In order to continue attracting the audience’s interest and keeping the fans engaged, Honda Moto Greece would have to do something truly unique.


At the same time, with the 13-year absence and the return of the dominant motorcycle in the adventure class, the known Africa Twin, Honda had the need to bring back to the brand the adventure audience that had been lost or forgotten over the years.

The Process.

On the occasion of such an important year for the brand, Honda Moto Greece comes to introduce to  the Greek motorcycle audience the culture of true adventure, to inspire them to actually do the trips that always dream of and to love even more their bikes. A selected group of three ordinary riders followed their own true adventure on a distant journey to the northernmost point of Europe, narrating their own adventure story.

What we Delivered.

For the first time in Greece in the category of automotive, we created a branded content platform that offered something unique not only in Honda’s friends but to all fans of adventure riding, A platform built on two content axis: education and entertainment. For the launch of the platform we created another branded content campaign, an actual roadtrip and a real adventure story with three riders to the North Cape (Nordkapp). The roadtrip to Nordkapp is the dream trip of every rider and a ‘must-do’ destination of all European countries. Through this roadtrip we wanted to communicate to our audience the whole philosophy behind the building of Honda Roadtrips, by giving them the live experience of a trip and seeing themselves in three heroes. Over time would be able to support future travel activations and user generated content of our fans’ roadtrips, and be a source of educational/how-to content and a digital community of the friends of adventure.