ADMINE behind P&G’s campaign, celebrating its 60 years.

P&G celebrates its 60 years of presence in Greece and brings ADMINE onboard for the TVC creation and campaign communication.


For a company dedicated to improving everyday life, we made a film inspired by all those small –but, in the end, big- moments, in which P&G has always been present. We used the opening and closing of a cabinet as a creative means for alternating between the different stages of life: a woman, a relationship, a new family. The iconic products of P&G, they are always there, following our own evolution of life.


It’s the pivotal role of the brand in everyday life that led to the uninterrupted support by the consumers. P&G is feeling grateful for the 60 years of solid presence in the market and signs the campaign with a promise: The company’s “thank you” will be translated into “actions”.