Q καρτοκινητή.

Κάνει τα απλά, αυτονόητα.

After a long time of complete communicational absence, telecom was ready to relaunch, by introducing the new “digital-first” mobile prepaid card experience. In an industry focusing almost exclusively on students, Q chose to target late millennials, by addressing their needs with the most effective and unexpected way. 


We created a unique brand identity combining 2D, 3D and realistic elements, weird images and vivid colors, witty humor and an ironic tone of voice. The identity spread to all the brand assets, including the website, the social media channels, the connection packs, as well as any promotional material

The digital – first launch made clear that Q is here to bring back the simplicity that the users need from their prepaid card. The 360ο campaign works as a reminder that Q aims to change the way we see the mobile market, while at the same time it keeps building on its unique digital benefits.

The campaign included TV, radio, digital and social media.