Remake Macedonia Palace.

A project about the legendary renovation of Makedonia Palace 

The client.

Makedonia Palace is one of the most historic city hotels in Greece and a point of reference in Thessaloniki since the 70s. 2016 is a highly significant year for the luxurious hotel, as it is the beginning of the total renovation process that will be completed in May 2017. The renovation is expected to create a new “hotel product” for business and leisure travelers and support the touristic growth of the whole north region.

What we were asked.

Admine -as the strategic, pr and communication consultant of the 5 star hotel- was asked to help manage the discomfort and complains that the renovation works would cause to the hotel guests during their stay, with an effective communication proposal.


But for us, it was much more than that. We wanted to make people of Thessaloniki and visitors become part of the history of Makedonia Palace, connect with them in an emotional level and communicate to them the project in total honesty and transparency.

The Challenge.

A renovation project is always a challenge for a hotel, as the noisy construction works and closed areas discourage possible guests and evoke complains.


On the other hand, Makedonia Palace is surely an emblem in Thessaloniki, but it is perceived as aged and out of fashion.


The challenge for Admine was to change the perception, highlight all the positive values   associated with the hotel and prepare citizens of Thessaloniki and guests to the new era.


This is how project “Remake” was born.

The Project.

Remake is an ambitious project with various communicational touchpoints, addressing to different target groups.

The REMAKE site

The site is an ongoing project with content that follows the stories, people and renovation process of the hotel.


Every time a new room type is completed, users can virtually visit it and see how it took its final form, through a camera that was put during the whole construction operations. A timelapse video and a 360 room view function serve the purpose.

The rooms presented also contain interviews in audio, visual, written form by people working for the project, hotel staff in all kinds of job positions, guests and people of institutional role – like Thessaloniki’s mayor mr Yannis Boutaris. The interviewees share with the users personal unknown or even funny stories and experiences lived in Makedonia Palace.


Soon the platform will include contests and a bigger activation that will make guests and citizens part of the hotel’s future.

The press conference.

First of all, Admine organized a press conference under the concept “Remake – the story behind the renovation of Makedonia Palace”. The goal was to evoke the interest of the press, so that they would spread the word and write about the hotel renovation project.

During the press conference, the journalists and media publishers would learn all the details of the renovation, see videos and the first 3Ds of the renovated spaces.  It was an absolute success, as more than 100 articles were released both online and offline on the following days.

The original gift given to the attendees was well received; it was a lavender, a plant known to grow with proper care after one year… exactly when the renovation works would be completed.

The earplugs kit

But what about the trouble caused to the guests during the noisy construction works? For internal communication purposes we designed an earplug kit that all guests would find in their rooms. A message in the box informs about the REMAKE project and apologies for the inconvenience in a funny and original way!