Skin on your skin

Skin on your skin.

PAOK 2016 -2017 home kit campaign

The client.

PAOK is one of Greece’s foremost football clubs and an opinion leader to practically 1,500,000 million fans. For the past three years Admine has been in the process of rebranding the club, acquiring many awards along the way.

What we were asked.

We were asked to create a campaign for the promotion of the club’s home kit.

The Challenge.

Paok has been promoting the home kits with impressive press events. The new home kit was a different case. For the first time in the Club’s 90 year history, the home jersey incorporates a third color (gold). Its provocative design, all with mesh details and tailored collars deserved a more stylish and hardest selling approach.

The process.

We devised a concept based on the fact that the real client is not PAOK FC but the club’s fans. Fans are the heart and soul of this team. Their passion is admired and talked about all over Europe. We showed the new jersey as a second skin springing from their DNA like any other living tissue on their body and their passion reflecting as the image of Pablo Garcia, one of the fans’ most idolized players. The DNA element is the core of this campaign and is applied in POS. Then 360o media came in to spread the word and passion.

What we delivered.

Frenzy about the symbol by which every football fan vows faith. The jersey.