The Short Era of a Short Film Festival

At its 12 years of existence, the TiSFF festival has shown more than 1.400 short films, gathered participations from more than 30 countries and attracted an audience of more than 7.000 film lovers.


The main issue we were called to confront, was to make the festival known outside its strictly artistic circle. Therefore, for the 13th TiSFF, we had to present a new identity, modern and completely differentiated from the ones that came before it.

For the needs of the total rebranding of the 13th TiSFF we proceeded on creating more adaptations apart from the creation of the new logo.

First of all, we accepted that in life there are moments that stand out. And what we want from those moments is to be meaningful, vibrant. Next, we noticed that those moments in the timeline of our life and the timeline of the festival films are alike. This road led us to the Short Era concept. The only thing we needed now, was to make sure that all the rebranding adaptations held a clear message: the TiSFF Festival was going through a “Short Era” era!

The new logo visualizes the philosophy of the Short Era and conveys it to the audience. A logo with vivid Bauhaus references, simple lines and strong contrasts that rejects anything unnecessary. We followed the same logic in all the promotional material: Short posters / Short stickers / Short tickets / Short radios / Short program.