What we were asked.

To re-define the position of Wilkinson Sword brand in the Greek market

The Challenge.

Wilkinson Sword is a global brand with a non-global communication approach that is practically synonymous with the history of shaving blades. Usually local agencies carry out digital and below the line campaigns and activations tailored to local budgets and markets. The main competitor spends millions in advertising and pushes a practically iconic product. But the true challenge rises from the target group itself. Men and women are less and less prone to shaving for different reasons.

The Process.

Admine took advantage of the key benefit of 360o communications; the implementation of one campaign on multiple channels. Admine played up the history and legend of the Wilkinson brand in print ads and the banner campaign. At the same time Admine managed the content driven channels (brand website and facebook page) with a different facet of the concept.

What we Delivered.

Admine created the “I am Wilkinson” campaign for men and “Wonderful You” for women. Product was king in print ads for men. The woman was the protagonist of print ads for women. The Wilkinson Man page on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/wilkinsonmangreece?fref=ts) was dedicated to making fun of male stereotypes (beards and manliness among them). The Wilkinson Woman (https://www.facebook.com/WilkinsonWomanGreece?fref=ts) page on facebook is dedicated to all the small things that make women feel wonderful. All digital campaigns land on the brand new website (http://www.wilkinsonsword.gr) Admine created for the brand. Its novel presentation of Wilkinson products and its blog-like article section, along with modern interaction modes have already attained critical success.


Duration:12 days


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