We are an independent success-driven, international-minded communications agency. From Thessaloniki, Athens, Nicosia and Porto, we handle top international and local clients who have one thing in common:

they want to be No. 1.





Admine is one of those stories you hear about at bars…

“So there are these three guys who start up a company out of a living room somewhere in central Europe. They base their enterprise on the concept of a 360° communications agency that focuses on business, that adds value rather than generates cost, and that makes brands viable rather than simply fashionable.

Next, a couple of other young guns jump aboard, followed by open-minded clients, and before you know, they’re growing. Within a record time of six years, they’ve managed to become the company they are today – Admine!”

Don’t do different things.
Do things differently.

― Shiv Khera