ADMINE designed Papastratos’ new campaign, one that revolutionizes the tobacco industry.

A few days before the opening of its new factory, Papastratos makes a historical act, one that permanently changes its operations: Machines are shut down and cigarettes are left in the past.


However, the company’s vision for a smoke-free future is not only its own. It progressively becomes a vision of more and more Greeks.


The next step? A “bold” campaign, that invites all Greeks to have their last cigarette.


There comes a day when you know that this will, indeed, be your last cigarette. For us, that day came on March 21. When will you have your #TeleftaioTsigaro;

Posted by Παπαστράτος on Monday, March 26, 2018

Papastratos #TeleftaioTsigaro

The factory’s machines stopped for the first time after 87 years. Yesterday, new machines started working, ones that introduced a new era. We are ready. Are you? #TeleftaioTsigaro

Posted by Παπαστράτος on Thursday, March 22, 2018

Papastratos #TeleftaioTsigaro


A few days before the launch, Papastratos shuts down
the machines and has its very own last cigarette #teleftaiotsigaro

"This is a campaign that has already left its own mark on Greek advertising."

Tilemachos Mavrakis
CEO and Founder

"It was a big responsibility and honor for us to sign the most historical campaign of Papastratos"

Francesca Galafti
Executive Creative Director

"There are projects that every creative wants to work on. The “Last Cigarette” is one of them"

Silvia Kaffe
Creative Director

"Behind the most unexpected campaign the tobacco industry has ever made, hides the client’s total trust on a passionate and dedicated to the goal team."

Natassa Zacharof
Group Account Planning & Operations Director

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